How I Found My Love For Folk Music

I never knew much about folk music or cared much for it. other than discovering Tim Buckley at the end of the final episode of the Monkees. I also discovered Pete Seeger through the Monkees Peter Tork. My wife’s love of Bob Dylan and constant playing of him and searching for more like him opened up a whole new world of music for me. Browsing through record and CD racks at Replay Records in Hamden, CT I found many other artists I’ve become quite fond of over the years. Tom Paxton, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Phil Ochs, Leonard Cohen,  Dave Van Ronk. These artist’s quickly started to fill my record shelves. Each new discovery was met with such excitement. Much like my discovery of punk rock in my teenage years.

I started thinking there has to be more out there, there always is. I take the city bus to and from work and was always looking for new things to listen to without getting bored. I had live365 internet radio on my phone and was browsing stations when I came across folk alley. Then realized they had their own app where you can listen. Quickly I downloaded it to my phone and loved everything I heard. Its something I look forward to daily.

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