Hello Again! It’s Been A While

I just realized I have not written here since October. It’s been a crazy few months. Work was extremely buzy and my wife and kids have been keeping me extremely buzy on top of that. There has been an incredible amount of records purchased. Some great folk, bluegrass & acoustic blues records I have never heard of until that very moment that I purchased them. I will be talking here about them as time goes on and I get a chance to listen to them. I even have more coming in the mail as we speak. Anyone that knows what I collect will know that I have been very lucky as of late that on ebay I have found some Folkways Records releases that are (at present time) still sealed, dirt cheap. Not sure how long that will stay sealed though. Oh how excited I was to find these.

I am now working on a new project with help from a friend. I am making and constructing an archive of folk music. I have a lot of rare vinyl, a good amount that has never been available on CD. I am getting a lot of vinyl transferred and hopefully create this archive site of rare folk music for everyone to enjoy.  So far I have 3 Alan Mills LP’s transferred as well as some Richard Dyer-Bennett & other folk rareties. I will keep you all update as it gets closer to actual construction of the site.

January 27th is the return of the Cromwell Record Riot. It takes place at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Cromwell. Ct. This is generally the biggest show in the area of the year. The week before the Super Bowl, and nothing else is going on. I am looking forward to blowing loads of money I don’t have :).

Oh well, I guess that’s it for now folks, enjoy your time here on this planet. I will update again soon and talk about some upcoming shows & records soon enough.

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