Record Store History In Connecticut.

As I’ve been an avid music collector my entire life and music outlets such as iTunes have become the normal. It got me thinking of all the great record stores I used to visit that are no longer around. Then got me thinking on another idea. A book, more of a document of the records stores of Connecticut’s past.


I shared a lot of great memories browsing through these record stores throughout the years. Great conversation with fellow music nerds. Spending hours flipping through thousands upon thousands of records being excited to find something I’ve been searching for for which seemed like forever or just buying based on the cover art. Something I still do today.


My first independent record stored was Rhymes Records in New Haven on Broadway. A small little place but had quite a selection of punk/hardcore and independent releases as well as plenty of bootleg cassettes. It’s here where while in my huge R.E.M. phase of the late 80s/early 90s that I would find a vast majority of my bootlegs of early club appearances by one of my favorite bands.

Brass City Records is another great store. Still around today Walter has struggled through the ups cabs downs of the record industry. Through vinyl sales, to CDs and back again. I make it a point to visit Brass City Records a couple times a year. I’m always walking out with stacks of records from the free section , the $1 section and the back room where everything is 50% off marked price. Always a fun time browsing as I never know what I will find.

Phoenix Records formally located in Waterbury was probably the greatest record store one person can ever visit. No doubt if the was anything you were looking for you would probably find it there. Piles and piles of CDs and records, magazines and shirts. Not to mention all the DVDs behind the counter. The store was a treasure trove for record collectors. Like many stores they suffered from the mp3 and online boom.


Replay Records formerly of West Haven, now residing in Hamden is a small shop but covered in tons of vinyl all over the store. Not just specializing in a specific genre but all sorts of music. An extensive bargain bin, friendly service and a good place to hang out and talk to the owners Doug & Mary not to mention the weekend staff.

Always so many more stores that are missed in Connecticut and some that are still around. Talk about those again another time. Hopefully my book idea will come to reality. As a collector there was and still is such a great selection of stores all over the state.

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