Whats I’ve been listening to lately…Indie Pop Rocks! on Soma FM


Throughout the last couple years I’ve had a few different musical obsessions. I was obsessed with the banjo. Something I will always love. As a few of my favorites will always be Pete Seeger, Dock Boggs & Roger Sprung.

However, I always find myself going back to things I love growing up. Indie Pop! I purchased a Roku box a couple years ago and went through all the music stations and tried various internet radio apps for the Roku Box. Immediately I turned to Bagel Radio. Playing “What alternative rock radio should sound like.” Before Nirvana invaded the airwaves or the “Post Grunge” of brain killers like Creed & Nickleback. It’s nice to randomly hear bands like the Happy Mondays or Pop Will Eat Itself randomly thrown in to a mix of bands that would fall into the same category today.


But one station I have been listening to the most is Indie Pop Rocks! “New and favorite classic indie pop tracks.” which I tend to disagree with as to what falls in to the stations definitions of what Indie Pop is. It still keeps me interested in not turning the station off most of the time.


 There is really no complaints but if there is going to be “Classic” indie pop tracks I would hope the station would dig deeper in to the genre to pull up some of the more obscure Indie Pop singles. Would be quite fitting.

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