Two Years Later…

Wow! It’s been two years since I’ve made any kind of posts on this page. I’ve been quite busy in that time. When I started this page I was going through a divorce. That’s over with now for quite some time. I’ve since been remarried. Thankfully this situation is completely different and a happy one.

The last post I made was about my upcoming podcast. Well that never got off the ground. However I am now in full gear working toward launching that very soon. I have been a guess DJ on The Basement Radio Show recently where I picked a bunch of tunes and talked the RnR Hall of Fame nominees. I will upload that episode within the next couple days for you to hear.

Today brings some bad news in the RnR world.


Andy White who played drums on the Beatles ” Love Me Do” has passed at the age of 85. An in demand session musician at the time, George Martin was not happy with the results of Ringo’s playing on the track so enlisted White. White also played on the flipside of the single “P.S. I Love You.” Ringo could be heard playing tambourine and maracas on the two tracks.

Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor of Motorhead has also passed last night at the age of 61. At this time the cause of death is unknown but it’s understood he was not well as of late.


R.I.P. to both Andy White and Phil Taylor.

  • I will be updating this blog more often now that life and everything else is on track. I will be talking about the new Woggles, The Undead and Joe Miller’s new LP’s coming up tonight and tomorrow.

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